Inside and Out Cosmetics was built by a group of proactive altruists on a business model dedicated to empowering women. We focus on providing opportunities for women to give back while receiving lustrous, healthier options for their beauty routine. We donate 10% of all revenue (yes, revenue, not just profit) to charities that support women.


Women of World - Fashion Show

We have searched for charitable organizations to team up with where your contribution has the maximum impact in helping women. Currently, we’re partnered with Women of the World, an organization that has been working hard for over 20 years to help refugee women establish themselves in the same community Inside and Out is headquartered in. Women of the World currently supports about 100 refugee women, and each of your purchases assists WoW in providing opportunities for these women to gain an education, provide for their families and achieve the American dream. That’s certainly a beautiful feeling!

Want to be more involved? You can donate directly of your time, talents and other resources to Women of the World .